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Natural Soap Colorants

Natural Soap Colorants: How to Use Them?

The use of natural colorant powders in soaps can provide a plethora of creative possibilities. Pigments are a highly ...
Diffuser Blends

How to Use Diffuser Blends: 10 Tips from VedaOils

What is it about these oils that have kept them popular for thousands of years? The answer is complicated, but it boi...
Sulphate Free Body Wash Bases

Sulfate Free Body Wash: 5 Homemade Recipes

Homemade skincare products are very much in trend nowadays. They are particularly popular because they do not contain...
Natural Dried Flowers

Natural Dried Flowers: Best DIY Recipe

When it comes to crafts, we generally spend our free time producing colorful, fun items inspired by the great weather...
Natural Wax Candles

How to Make Natural Wax Candles at Home

Making your own things is satisfying and gives us a nice sensation. It's also a wonderful activity to do with your ki...
Homemade Body Butter

Homemade Body Butter Recipes you Should Try: DIY

Winter is here, and it's time to prepare for the change of seasons and enjoy the shivers. Whether you enjoy the winte...
homemade soap making supplies

DIY Homemade Soap Making Supplies

If you prefer creating or crafting your own cosmetics, such as hair treatments or body scrub, it can be really intere...
Soy Wax for Candle Making

How to Use Soy Wax for Candle Making

When it comes to candle buying, the perfume and fragrance should not be the sole consideration. Candles can be manufa...